MAXIMUS  SPORT primarily represents  sport individuals and coaches, searches and negotiates the best contract
terms with the
clubs for them, close the contracts and provides
comprehensive as well as exclusive services. We also offers our professional full
service to clubs. We help them with decision making and with
selection of the ight players, we provide them with full information
                        information and  necessary  equipment  as well  
as  with  professional advice and services.                          
Mr. Jozef Janosik as the main manager and owner of  MAXIMUS SPORT  fully uses his expertise, experience and contacts gained
the long-term involvement in the volleyball world. Even as a formerof national team player who during his 20 years sports
career have played  almost in all countries in  Europe but also traveled  to many other volleyball  countries and  has visited almost
every continents have allowed him to live in and connect  with the cultures and peoples of diffrent of backgrounds. His experience
in working with teams of different  people from different cultures enabled him to thoroughly  to know the sporting environments,
significantly to establish itself on the sports market and develop strong communication and management skills in the work of aent
  representing their clients. Obtained contacts, friendships and cooperations, has already him established themselves into the strong
in the volleyball world.