Welcome in the world of MAXIMUS SPORT...

MAXIMUS SPORT  is a dynamic, modern profiled agency in the volleyball world which comes with a new progresive and innovative 
ideas and provides  full global service management  which represents sport personalities from around the world.  We provides great 
opportunity for talented young as well as experienced players, coaches, managers and clubs who wish to maximize their possibilities,
abilities and potential to achieve the highest goals and  fulfill  their dreams. We build a strategic plan to manage the overall carerrs of
our clients and we provides special care and individual attantion. We guides and supervise their actions, assist  them to gain progress
  in sport careers, help to improve their professional profile and image and assist them in addressing their personal needs and interests.
Portfolio of MAXIMUS SPORT covers selected sport personalities from around the world, each of age group and level of quality for the
all  volleyball positions.  Our philosophy is based on accountability, fair-play, strength and assertiveness predispose  us to be a leader
and the right partner in business on the volleyball map. Our mission is to provide professional assistance, complete service but mainly
friendship with our clients. Devotion, honesty, teamwork are properties that we are pride on, we are building our network of contacts
and expanding our portfolio. We are working mostly in Europe and  Middle East, but  cooperation with our friends and partners goes
all over the world.